Things happen, and like all of us, Radimal isn’t perfect. Here’s a few tips to help you interpret and utilize your Radimal reports.

  1. Currently, Radimal emails reports on canine images only. If you mistakenly get a report for a non-canine species, please disregard the report as Radimal is species-specific and the results are not valid.

  2. Disease possible - this means that on at least one image, the Radimal system detected an abnormality but couldn’t corroborate this finding on other images.

Use your clinical judgement to help arrive at a diagnosis. Still unsure? Click “get full consult” to request a radiologist report.

3. Radiographic quality makes a big difference in both human and AI interpretation. If your radiographs are very rotated, this might confuse the interpretation. Taking orthogonal, well-positioned radiographs is the best way to get a report you can trust.

4. On your report, are the thumbnails of your images inverted and look like this?

Sometimes, images don't send correctly and Radimal misinterprets these images. These reports are invalid and should not be used. Please hit "reply" in your email browser or email us at [email protected] and we'll get this taken care of.

5. Does your patient have a prostatic mass on rads but it’s not included on your Radimal report? Radimal currently tests for over 25 different conditions and we are adding additional diseases all the time! But, if we don’t have your patient’s disease trained and ready for use then it can’t show up on your report. Be sure to check back for updates on new conditions soon!

6. There are some things that will still require a highly trained, radiologist read. Does your patient have complex/confusing radiographs? Click “get a full consult” on the bottom of your Radimal email.

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